International Shipping

We are proud to offer shipping to 10 different international destinations. At checkout customers can choose between USPS Priority Mail International, which takes 6-12 business days*, and USPS Express Mail International, which takes 4-6 business days. Please note, however, that these shipping times are estimates and Bandon Dunes cannot guarantee the timely delivery of international orders once an order has left Bandon Dunes' property.

Below is a list of base rates** for all of our international options. 



Country Regular Shipping (6-12 Business Days) Expedited Shipping (4-6 Business Days)
Australia     $44 $58
Canada $30 $40
Germany $38 $52
Hong Kong $40 $52
Ireland $40 $52
Japan $44 $58
Mexico $36


New Zealand $44


Sweden $40 $52
United Kingdom $45 $54


If you have any questions related to international orders, or if you are interested in placing an order from a country not listed above, please contact us.


Phone: (541)-347-5873


*Business days are Monday-Friday and do not include Saturday or Sunday.
**Base rates are applied to orders weighing 0-2 lbs. Larger orders are subject to higher shipping costs.